Sunday, November 10

From Our House to Yours: Vanessa's Home

Do you know someone whose house is decorated so beautifully that as soon as you get there you just want to leave, go straight to Home Sense, and redo the entire d├ęcor of your house?  I do!  My sister's house looks like a show home and I am constantly using her ideas as inspiration for my own home.
It wasn't until recently while I was over there that I realized how awesome she has decorated her home in a kid-friendly way.  I also never realized how NOT kid-friendly my house is until I was chasing my nephew all around the place as he left hand prints of cake icing all over my white couches (yes, I am a white couches person).  Anyway, I snapped about 100 pictures of her house and have decided to share some of them.

First are the bedrooms.

The living room becomes a magical play area!

Have you ever seen 2 children this happy playing the piano?
 Even the bathroom has neat things.

Am I right or am I right?
Look Mom, no hands!
Ahh, just one of many forced photos with Aunty Laur


CoolestAuntEver said...

You both are very talented! I soooo wish we lived closer.

Grandma Deb said...

"coolest aunt ever" - seriously??????
Nice decorating, nice compliments, nice blog!!!!

Lauren Kent

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