Sunday, October 30

Monster Mash

Halloween is here again!  I have to say, I am not much of  Halloween girl, especially when I went to  costume store asking for any ladies costume appropriate to wear around children and they did not have ONE!  However, I do love when others get super into it and end up looking amazing in their creative costumes.  
At placement we held a Monster Mash party for all of the boys and their families.  It was awesome to see the boys in good spaces, super cute in costumes, and watching how they interact with their parents and siblings.  

At the Monster Mash there were numerous activities the kids could take part in, including a Mummy Wrap, pumpkin decorating, colouring sheets, artificial tattoos, bobbing for donuts, and guessing the number of candies in different jars. Not to mention all of the delicious snacks our cooks made us, and having the chance to show off their moves on the dance floor.  Robyn and I happened to be responsible for one of the activities.  

To begin with, the boys had to come and put their hands into couldrons of things that feel absolutely disgusting.  Watching some of their reactions was just hilarious.  I find it works even better when the gross concoctions are covered, so they kids have no idea what they are about to put their hands on, but the cauldrons set the mood and gave the effect that we were looking for.  They worked out great!  

Then they would come up and make their very own potion.  First they would add some ground werewolf bones  (baking soda) to their goblet, then pick the secret ingredient of their choice (food colouring), and top it off with witch's perfume (vinegar).  The younger boys especially loved to see their potions bubble up and over their goblets each and every time.  Little did they know it was just a simple scientific reaction. ;)

Of course, our Monster Mash would not have been a success without some monsters running around.  Robyn and I tried to keep our costumes under $10.00, and actually came pretty close!  The other staff went all out and looked unreal/ super creepy, and lucky for us, they even let us borrow their Halloween makeup so our costumes weren't a total flop. 

It is easy to think that Halloween takes a ton of effort and money, and can become slightly overwhelming for some adults.  We just have to remember that even simple activities and a little bit of imagination goes a long way in the wonderful world of children. 

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