Tuesday, October 29

Grandma Moran Turns 100

The most common question people asked me after they heard I was in Ontario for a 100th birthday was, "Is she still... moving?" Ohhhh if Grandma Moran could answer those people herself.  This lady still lives in her same home, still cooks meals, still travels out of the country, and will sass anyone who has it coming.

Our first night in Ontario, we did not have big plans and all of our relatives were widely spaced out over Toronto, making it difficult for everyone to get together just for dinner. (If you have not experienced driving in Toronto- consider yourself lucky). Therefore, we decided to go to Great Grandma's unannounced and kidnap her for a little pre-birthday party dinner.

The day of the party, Grandma Moran walked alongside a traditional Scottish bagpiper into a room full of her family and friends, without a dry eye in sight.  We shared news about our lives, memories from our childhoods, and too many laughs to count.

 Celebrating with her, a century of life, was truly a privilege for me and something I will not soon forget (not to mention there was about 5000 photos taken, so it will be impossible to).

Jeffrey and I with our Grandma

The party was held in August to accommodate more family members.  TODAY, however, is Grandma Moran's official, once in a lifetime, century awaited, 100th birthday!!! This is a very joyous occasion, and hopefully one that is being celebrated by my family everywhere.

Some of the Great Grandchildren 

You deserve a standing ovation, an honour, a salute.
You've been a blessing to us all and today we celebrate you!
Congratulations are in order, for you're 100 you see,
and many wishes for a birthday that took 10 decades just to be!
Happy Birthday Grandma Moran!


Grandma Deb said...

That was beautiful, so well said, so much love.

Aunt Sue said...

No one could say it better than maybe Grandma herself, but then again she can't say that to herself. Thanks for saying what all of us want and wish we could.

Aunt Kim said...

What a fantastic, heartfelt tribute Lauren! So glad someone thought to do this as it is such a tremendous milestone that needs to be shared! Thanks for being You!!

Lauren Kent

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