Thursday, October 17

A !0 000 Kind of Year

Usually talking about money makes me so uncomfortable that I just end up crying, even if the conversation isn't remotely stress inducing (just ask my parents). That said, I feel like sharing this anyway.  My BFF and I are planning a totally awesome, fun, amazing backpacking trip due to leave the second our final class ends in 2014. I think we have finally figured out all of the stops we want to make and are onto the 'finalizing dates' stage. There was one day that I broke down all of the costs we would need to consider and I added them up. I then looked at my savings account and thought of a magic number I'd like to keep it at, even after the trip is complete. All in all, it looks like I'll have to save $10 000 in 10 months.  This breaks down to $500 a pay cheque, or in my world $250 a week, because budgeting biweekly gets to be too difficult for me (again, I am pathetic when it comes to finances). This goal is proving to be pretty difficult, especially being a part time employee and full time student with a million different expenses. Although, the hardest part so far is giving up my weekly fill of cactus cut potatoes- ohhh the cravings! So in case you are curious why I am even more MIA than usual, it is because I am in my room, watching greys repeats, not spending money.

On the 10 000 note, I have reached 10 000 views on my blog! I am sure in the world of the web that really is not a lot but in my own little universe it is pretty cool to me. So thanks readers!!!!

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