Sunday, October 20

String it Together

We had our second girls night/ craft night/ finally do a pinned project night/ wine night/ gossip night, not that I could make it to the first one (sorry, sorry, sorry). It was my turn to host, therefore I got to pick the project.  I had seen some fairly intricate string art designs that caught my attention and stuck with me, like these ones:

From here

From here
We didn't actually end up doing any of those, but I think I will try a couple more in the near future. This little craft was super easy, once you got the outline finished. We chose relatively simple designs, but that didn't stop our shoulders from getting sore. Apparently we are just super weak... however, hammering a bunch of nails for the evening also turned out to be very therapeutic!

This would also be really cool and simple to do with kids, and would make a cute little keepsake for them. 
Also, after I had paid for the wooden pieces at Michaels (and yes, I am very aware if I had any handyman skills whatsoever I could have just got them from the great outdoors) the cashier called out to me "enjoy your wood!" Obviously I burst out laughing because of my vast immaturity and thanked her very much.
(Who says that?)
She didn't laugh. 
Oh well.

The finished products!
Happy hammering!

1 comment:

Mom Kent said...

They are all SOOOOOO Good! You clever, talented ladies!!

Lauren Kent

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