Friday, June 14

It's Been a While...

I can't believe that in the past year I have only posted once.  I used to love blogging and kept up with it pretty regularly. Whether it is a ramble about crazy neighbour or a dorky craft I'd completed- at least I had something to say.  I have had over 7000 people view my blog, not that I know if that is a lot or a little in the world of blogging, but it is sure neat to me.  It's been so long since I have written anything now that I don't feel like I'm as good at it anymore- which really isn't helping motivate me to begin again.  Clearly, the past year has brought a ton of changes...

I moved again!  I am in an older, cute home, which I share with three other people. It's definitely different going from living in a big house and spending a lot of time solo, to living in a smaller house that is constantly full of life (including a dog, cat, and chinchilla).  It has been a pretty big adjustment for me but I am slowly getting the hang of 'being a landlord'.  It helps having a male roommate who can handle all of the blue jobs, and it is also nice having friends and family with some know-how on random tasks that I've never had to do or even had to think about myself before.  I'm learning to love the constant company as well.  At first, I was a hermit who hid in my room watching Grey's Anatomy repeats every evening (which I still basically do, I just leave it for bedtime).  Now I look forward to our kitchen conversations and the screams that come from the living room during a playoff game.

Another change is my taste in decorating.  If anyone remembers the blue room they will probably take a deep sigh of relief, as my decor skills clearly needed some work.  I may just make the record for the world's slowest decorator.  Partly because it literally takes me months and months to make up my mind on how I want a room to look, and partly because I am still a student (AKA poor) so it takes longer to get each and every item. Slowly but surely the house is started to look more and more like a home. 
I finally have enough frames to fill these shelves, now I just need to finish getting the perfect pictures to fill them!

There was a time when I was working 38 hours a week, going to school full time, completing the required16 hours of practicum per week, playing soccer, and trying to maintain some sort of social life.  I had never really experienced anxiety before, but my doctor had to literally stop herself mid-exam and leave the room because my blood pressure was so high.  It was then I realized I had to make some changes.  After six years of experience, I quit my job in the arenas (sorry mom, no more picture taking).     Working in rinks was really the perfect job for a student, other than staying up so late. It was refreshing to take time out of those old buildings and actually see sunshine during the day.  I started working at the same place I had a yearlong practicum at.  Any classmates would agree that it is a very intense group home, never lacking in hilarious, exhausting, or terrifying stories to share.  Funny enough, I find myself seeking employment in the rinks again.  It is nowhere near the Child and Youth Care field, but with one more year of school left it is good extra spending cash for me to consider.

Gone are the days of playing soccer.  While at work last year, I tripped in a gopher hole and ended up tearing two ligaments in my ankle.  Since then, I've taken up hot yoga (love) and started running a lot.  One of my roommates is also really great at dragging me to the gym and teaching me different routines with weights.  It's also easy to stay active (exhausting and annoying) when my job requires me to be on my feet and on the go for the entire 8 hour shift.  Instead, I've been assistant coach, alongside my dad.  We are coaching a girl's U-18 team and really enjoying it.  He has suggested I take some coaching courses and start up a team of my own, coaching them from U-12 all the way to U-18.  It is definitely something to consider, possibly after getting my degree. 

I've also caught the travel bug again.  When I was 18 years old and backpacking around Australia I made a friend who I still remain in contact with.  This year, she came out to Canada for the second time and we spent two very expensive weeks skiing all over Alberta.  It was really quite an amazing trip.  With my graduation finally somewhat approaching, I've started to make plans and have big thoughts on the next trip to take.  Time truly FLIES by and it is amazing how many years have passed since my last backpacking adventure, throughout Brazil.  This next vacation could be the last big one that I am able to take, and hope to make it worthwhile.  
The look of love, standing on Lake Louise, the most beautiful place on Earth.

Pinterest has obviously taken over my down time.  I have a list of projects 100 ideas long, and never actually get around to doing them.  Finally, after being inspired by my mommy-do-it-herself-be-amazing-everyday best friend, I completed one of them.  I stole an old book from my mom's garage sale pile, glued pages to thicker recycled paper, went crazy with a butterfly hole punch, and then popped some glue dots on them.  It took a couple of hours in front of the tv and done!

I know what my avid readers (mom and aunts) are hoping I will talk about ... my relationship status.  I am focusing on myself right now.  I feel as though it is important for me to take care of only my own life and not have to worry about another's.  It is along these lines that I got my second tattoo not too long ago.  It's a Latin phrase, translating to "she flies with her own wings."  This tattoo is my daily reminder that I am enough, and I do not need to be defined by whoever I am in a relationship with.  Whoever it is that I end up with, whenever that may be, will agree.
I had my dad reluctantly write this quote in his own unique scripture.  
It was scanned and made into the transfer for my tattoo. 


Mom Kent said...

Well Said!! All of it. You certainly recapped a whole year very well. Now keep the updates more regularly!!
Guess who???

Coolest Aunt Ever said...

You have quite the knack for writing blogs.
Eagerly awaiting your next one:)

Lauren Kent

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