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Doing Something Amazing

As you may know, I have blogged a few times over recent months about various charities that touched my heart and interested me enough to seek donations from my family and friends.  I know that money can be tight sometimes, which has taught me to appreciate every single penny that has been donated towards these amazing causes, from you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This love of helping others is clearly something I got from my mom.  For the past twenty-five years she has been volunteering her time to countless organizations.  While I was in elementary school, my mom volunteered around the classroom and assisted on field trips.  She would help the teachers during our computer class (which is actually hilarious because she technologically challenged), would take students aside individually or in small groups if they needed some extra help with spelling or math, and she volunteered to run our hot lunch program.  While I was in junior high school, she helped students during exam time who struggled with the pressures of being tested, and would read the questions out loud to them.  She was also responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing our local block parties (UNREAL) for four years.  With four soccer playing children and a coach for a husband, she was basically forced to become involved in the sport.  She volunteered as a board member for house league as a registrar (which was actually super annoying because I was the one who had to alphabetize EVERY youth soccer player's registration and group those who requested to be on another persons team, you're welcome), and as a board member for our local rep soccer club as a team representative.  She also had a major role in the Western Canada Summer Games as a Sport Director.  That was a week where our family starved every night at dinner time because my mom was MIA.  She basically got 5 hours of sleep each night while ensuring that everything ran as smoothly as possible.  She's obviously somewhat crazy... and OCD... either/or. 

Blurriest picture ever but there she is! Lady on the left

Now, she has signed up to do something for those far less fortunate than we are.  My mom will be joining the LoL Church and Beaumont group for a humanitarian trip to Mexico in July 2014.
She will be living in a local community while building homes for families living in 
extreme poverty.
Taking care of her family has always been of the upmost importance to my mom.  She would do and has done anything and everything she can to support us.  If we ask her to, she would stop whatever she is doing to help us out.  This grandma of two (almost three) is putting the needs of others ahead of her own to help them get back on their feet.  

One family that previously had their house built through this organization requested just one expensive item to be placed in their home: an oven.  The mother wanted the ability to bake on a daily basis, and to sell those baked goods enough to provide for her family.  My mom wants to be a part of that process, to give other families a surviving chance.  
During her stay, she will be sleeping in a bunk bed next to a number of other people, her hard efforts will be completed during the hurricane season, and she will be forced to use a hammer that does not have a floral pattern on the handle like the ones on her cool-tool kit at home.  

This is something I never pictured my mom doing.  This is the same lady whose idea of camping is borrowing a luxury motor home.  All of her previous visits to Mexico have been spent at five star resorts.  This. is. amazing.  While my mom has volunteered countless hours of her time already, this is the first time she has ever sought help from others.  In order to participate in this trip, she needs to raise $2000.  She has already received $450.  Her fundraising progress has a long way to go!  A really easy way to help her towards her fundraising goal is to buy a gift card to Superstore or Sobeys.  If you shop there already, this would be win-win for you and my mom. Simply buy a gift card in $50 denominations.  You would receive a gift card for face value that can be used in the store or at the gas station.  FYI a little fact according to my mom's gas tracker app- Superstore is one of the top three cheapest locations to fill up with gas each week in Sherwood Park.  For each gift card purchased, the grocery store will give my mom a percentage of the sales.  Every little bit helps!

The Lol Church and Beaumont group will be hosting a silent auction in November.  Unfortunately, my mom is unable to attend.  She is, however, looking for donated items that can be put up for auction.  If you have something you wish to donate, please contact either myself or my mom by email at

If you are at all interested in simply donating money, donations can be made online here.  All donations will receive a tax receipt, and if you prefer they can be made anonymously. Even small donations make a big difference and are greatly appreciated.

While my mom prepares for what people say is a life changing experience, please keep her and her efforts in mind.  This humanitarian trip can only be accomplished with help from others.  

- Audrey Hepburn

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