Sunday, February 26

We Styled Our Soles

Ahhhhh SHOES!!
Well after party like this one, it has to be said: what a pain in the ass party planning is!  As if party-poopers cancelling altogether, party-goers changing their orders, and me hassling people for money and craft supplies wasn't enough, then the post office was delayed in dropped off our shoes and the whole thing had to get rescheduled!  It was a lot of effort to get this ship sailing, but in the end it was definitely worth it.   

Everything we need
An amazing girl, who unfortunately could not make it at the last minute, provided us with basically all of the supplies we needed for the day!  Our shoes would never have turned out so lovely if it had not been for her.  Fortunately for us, she has also posted pictures of the shoes she ended up making with her friends the very next day, and is showcasing them on her blog.  Check them out!

A little bit of delicious
My awesome neighbour provided us with delicious snacks, all from Epicure.  Gorging down 3 Cheese dip, Artichoke dip, and sinking our veggies in Lemon-Dill was enough to satisfy any cravings we had.  After just a few tastes some personal orders quickly rolled in for more.  So far, my favourite is the citrus berry cheesecake.   
(If you’re interested in hosting an Epicure party or picking up some delicious products for yourself, send Crista an email at and definitely check out her page!)
Our snacks complimented our Mimosa bar perfectly!


Finally, we got down to business.  Unsure if permanent markers or acrylic paint would look better (and which would have less chance of making a mistake with) half of us used markers while the other half used paint.  Both look awesome!  Here are some pictures of the creative shoes seen.  (Shoes are very tricky to capture in just one shot!)

Not all those who wander are lost.

I'm nice... doesn't mean
... you can walk all over me.
Little Red Riding Hood


Adopt a Rescue!

This is impossible...

...Only if you believe it is.
We even finished the night off with a visit from our very own Tiny Tom.  ;)


Ness said...

ahaha i love Finn by all of those shoe boxes! Had such a great time doing this crafty adventure! Now i can't wait until this snow melts away so i can sport my spiffy new TOMS around Edmonton!

Anonymous said...

Finn looks like such a model!!!

Lauren Kent

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