Sunday, March 4

A Me Makeover

Alright folks, we can all admit I have been a Sour Sam lately.  My anxiety is sky high, my stress levels have been out of control, and my energy levels have been way down.  I realize that I have been more moody than usual (just ask Ziggs… or anyone).  This is why I have decided it is time for a ‘me makeover’, and I am not just referring to my new hair colour, which APPARENTLY nobody likes. 
(Side note: tough shit, constant bleaching is expensive and damaging mmmk?)

First things first, Ziggs has got to go!  Just kidding.  He’s ok (for now).  I truly believe that in order for me to get myself back to normal I need to surround myself with a positive and calming environment, filled with wonderful people.   I also realize that I spent most of last summer agonizing over colour schemes for my house, but alas I have changed my mind (don’t tell Ziggs).  I have chosen colours that are much better suited for our house.  Why?  Well for starters, there will be no rooms that are so bright blue that upon first glance our guests will have no need to complete their dramatic double-take, nor will they find themselves momentarily unsure of whether or not to compliment the creativity or burst into laughter.  So we’re ahead already.  Secondly, the rooms will flow throughout the house.  Hooray!  I never thought I would be able to say those words.  Essentially, after a year of having a main room in the house which somewhat resembles a candy shop, it has been decided that the blue has got to go.  I am super excited about this task to tackle, however, I know Ziggs is going to have a small cow about it so hopefully he will continue to work out of town and I can do it during his rotation.  ;)   Not to mention he just finished his dream man cave (blog tour will be posted soon), so I have rights to start decorating again!

hey boy

The second part of my ‘me makeover’ is to start doing the things I love again!  I have five or six DIY projects I would like to attempt and this will be the time to finally do them.  I may rock crafts like a 90 year old woman, but it makes me happy and is often much cheaper than anything sold at Urban Barn.  Updating my LK + BZ scrapbook, making my own chalkboard paint, creating various canvas art, and using mason jars in random ways (and let it be known, there are WAY more things you can do with a jar than you first suspect) are all on the list of to-do’s. 

Next up, I need to remember what it is like to relax.  I don't just mean laying on the couch and watching reruns of Grey's, because realistically I already do that plenty.  I need to start 'relaxing' as in turning my mind off.  It is just too difficult to stop thinking about things, everything, anything, all the time.  Reading the pile of books that has built up on my bedside table, actually using the bath tub that so far Finn and I have used once (obviously his company was not a planned event) and Ziggs maybe twice, or even turning the alarm off my phone when I have a power nap and just catching up on much needed sleep are definitely things I will be spending my summer doing.

Pssht piece of cake

After 20ish years of playing soccer every single indoor and outdoor season, I have decided to take a season off.  WHAT?!?!?! I know, so crazy.  I am looking forward to possibly coaching with my dad, trying out hot yoga for the first time, and using the treadmill I hijacked from my parents' house for an activity other than shooting Finn's toys away from him and watching him fetch them over and over.  I'm pretty sure doing leisurely activities at my own pace, without screaming girls surrounding me, will be much more beneficial towards finding some sort of inner peace, or whatever.         

Finally, I am going to start eating food that doesn't come in a heart-shaped cardboard box.  My outrageously awful and unhealthy sources of food intake need to come to rest.  (Ok well maybe not my McCafe hot chocolates.  Have you tried them?!  They are amazing and Tim Hortins can officially suck it).  Vegetables, fruits, and meat being cooked for the first time are desperately needed.  Not only that, but now that our oven is working properly and I have obtained the basic level of ingredients a household should contain, I am ready to really try cooking on a regular basis. 

Now, I know what the pessimists and nonbeliebers out there are thinking.  How do you expect to do all this?  Well, pardonez-moi but I already have that figured out too.  School is almost finished for summer and for once I will not be taking any Spring or Summer courses.  That also means I won't be putting in any more hours at a placement (or for all of you non-CYC folks, practicum).  No placement is doubley wonderful because it isn't simply doing an 8 hour shift, it is intense and sometimes scary and requires alertness at all times.  As previously mentioned, I won't have soccer to rush off to, not that it took up a ton of time anyways, but still deserves to be noted. All I will have on my plate is work and house chores!  HALLELUJAH.  I have been waiting to say those glorious words ever since I moved out and became this stressball in the first place.  Ah, at the start of this post I mentioned peaceful surroundings and encouraging company.  I suppose all I will say about that is if you're mean, I am not going to call.  

That's that!  I am so excited to get started on my me makeover!  As soon as this semester comes to a close it is all
a go!
Wish me luck :)


Nicole Ziegler Artistry said...

Good Luck Laur on the summer plans :)

Ness said...

i think all of these goals are absolutely fabulous!! also i could add 1 more on there, and that is to be a blog mentor to me after semester is over? perhaps? ;)

Lauren Kent

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