Sunday, January 8

The Price is Right

Hello there y'all!!  Well, I realized it has been years since I last hit the slopes, and this cowgirl needs some new skis!  Putting a few things up on Kijiji that are 
c) PERFECT for you or someone you know.  ;)
Just click on the caption below the picture and it'll take you to the listing on Kijiji for more info!

3 Bridesmaid Dresses and 1 Grad Dress
These dresses are super comfortable, look hot, and still allow mobility to shake your booty all night long!
Backless Bow
Beach Blue Bombshell

Black Beauty

Rhinestone Sparkle

I've also got 2 barely used (except when the Finnster takes his mid afternoon snooze or my laundry needs a flat surface to fold upon) micro fibre couches.  Only reason we want to sell them is to decorate our living room in a more functional way!

Suade Savvy

Enjoy :)

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