Sunday, January 15

But he seemed so... 'normal'.

Picture in your mind a predator.  Picture someone who sits at home on their computer, in chat rooms for hours, and tricks little girls.  Picture someone who pretends to be a teenager when they aren’t.  Picture someone who would manipulate a little girl into falling in love with someone she’s never met.  Picture someone who would sexually assault a minor. 
What are you picturing?
because a predator can be anyone. 

My dad kept telling me I had to watch this movie.  Persistently.  Insistently. He even went as far as to download it for me, put it on a memory stick, and send me home with it.  Fine Dad, I'll watch it. 

I cried from start to finish.

Every parent on the planet should watch this.  Every parent and their child should watch this and then talk about it.  No parent believes this will happen to their child, but what preventative measures are they taking?

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Lauren Kent

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