Tuesday, December 27

Cookie Exchange

Started with these...
My beautiful friend came up with the idea of a cookie swap between some friends.  For our cookie exhange, there were twelve of us who RSVP'd attending, therefore we had to bake enough cookies that we could give about 4-6 to each person.  Once together, we handed out our baggies or boxes of goodies to everyone, and in return we received eleven different packages of various sweets.  It was a wonderful way of getting all of the girls together for an evening of laughter and story telling, while enjoying some
Ended up with these!!
festivities this holiday season.  The picture on the right is just some of the delicious baked goods my friends came up with!  That plateful is less than half of the cookies I got to take home!  You could try something like this anytime of the year (possibly with bevvies in the summer ;) at a barbecue), or even a recipe swap for those who would like to try something new.  Either way it's a great excuse for all of the hens to gather when everyone lives such busy lives.  

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