Sunday, January 22

Baby Boy

Our little pooch is already one year old!  How did that happen?  Gone are the days where he was too timid to chase cars at a full sprint down the street, sat still and quiet throughout the long drives across Sherwood Park, and had a head well proportioned to the rest of his body.  Before my trusty blackberry loses everything I have ever saved on it (again), I figure it is time to share some home videos of Finn.  Honestly, I think one post is a little less obsessive than entire page dedicated to his name.  Oui?  C'est bonne. 
Here we go!    

Finn falls off the couch.

Finn dreaming of running through a field of daisies.
(Not really necessary to watch ENTIRE clip)

Spying on Finn as he plays with a beetle.

Finn scared of Ceasar Milan
(The best part is right at the end; watch his facial expression)

Finn scared of a cartoon character. 
(Actually, he did not stop barking for so long that we never did get to watch this movie)

Finn playing with his bff, Belle.

Finn understanding who "Belle" is.

Well I suppose that's enough for now.  I hope you enjoyed these as much as I do!  Finn sent me a text this morning, saying that he wants everyone to know he received their birthday wishes and says "Thank you."

1 comment:

Lady legs said...

Mom why do my legs look like stilts? Belle and Persie always laugh at me and call me names. Luckily Marty is too big of an idiot to know what's going on.

Lauren Kent

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