Wednesday, August 3


I was going to blog next about my recent painting fiasco (yes, I had another one) where I chose what seemed like a lovely colour but it ended up being neon/glow in the dark on our walls which made Ziggs so angry that he left the house and did not return until the wee hours of the morning, however, recent events have changed my mind.

Ziggs and I moved into our house in November and at the time the houses on either side of us were still for sale.  Sometime in January (or February...) a young-ish couple moved in next door with their two young boys.  We were thrilled to see they were 'normal' by Sherwood Park means and could not wait to plan our first block party.  While walking to my car one day I noticed the husband on his driveway.  I stared at him the entire walk to my vehicle, waiting for the opportunity to say a friendly hello, but I did not get the chance as he held his ground pretending not to hear me walking down the loud, clanking, metal makeshift sidewalk.  When returning home, his wife was in the garage having a ciggy.  Perfect!  I'll bond with this woman and we will become the best of friends!  Incorrect thinking; because as she saw me get out of my car she hid at the back of her garage and turned her back to me.  'Wtf' crossed my mind.  Since they have moved in and settled into the neighbourhood, I have never had a single conversation with them, until yesterday.

Right as I was about to leave for my exhilirating soccer game, the man who has avoided me for months was walking towards my front door.  At first I was afraid, then I wondered if he was going to tell me his kids just shot a hocky puck threw my car window, and then I thought maybe he was going to tell me Finn pooped in his yard.  After quick name intros he informed us that he was having fence posts cemented in between our yards this Friday and would like us to pay for half.  Well, excusez-moi neighbour Joe but not only is our land not yet graded (regardless of how many times we have been informed it'll be done 'soon'), but are you seriously only speaking to us now because you'd like $300 by this Friday?  'Asshole' had now replaced 'Wtf'.  Now don't get me wrong, paying halfsies for a fence is a definite summer 2011 to-do, and the price is pretty standard in fencing world.  BUT This guy (and family) went above and beyond out of their way to ignore us for months.  This guy parked infront of our houses when he had a paved driveway, forcing us to park in a muddy slew for weeks (no, I am not over that yet).  This guy has been making arrangements for these fence posts for at least two weeks now and is only informing us three days prior.  This guy cannot even wait for our land to be ready too.  Now he wants us to be neighbourly.

Even through my rant and rave about how some people are such douche bags- it continously blows my mind- Ziggs has agreed to pay and get it done Friday.  We agree that at least we can look forward to having a fence blocking our view of this dense family.   

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J.Stew said...

Could you not just refuse to pay for it and make knob gobbler pay for the whole thing? Can you say "free fence"? Cause I can...

Anonymous said...

It seems like you lucked out with the neighbors on the other side, they seem pretty freakin cool! :)

kents said...

Oops. I have such trouble replying to this site!! Ugh.
I can't even remember what I initially said now - so frustrating.
You might want to check with this guy on what kind of fence he's going to put up and if he's planning on asking for half just before he does that. You should have a say in what you want if you're paying for it.

Lk said...

Jordan- we could probably refuse but these are just the posts. We still want them to pay for half of the actual fence.

Crist and Mike!!!- The other neighbours are great! A little gothic at times and always seem to be spying on people in the neighbourhood but other than that- they are wonderful!

Mom- You have commented on nearly all of my blogs- how can you seriously still get confused?! We told him we have Ray to do our fence so hopefully he just lets us.

Anonymous said...

hahah this is a funny one.

Anonymous said...

This is the type of neighbour you want to have all around you. It almost sounds like your living in T.O.

Lauren Kent

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