Friday, August 5

Home Made Art!

I was looking through a bunch of blogs today (no, I do not have anything better to do with my time) when I came across the cutest thing ever- and clearly appropriate for someone like myself.  Now this blogger coincidentally sells items on, but I think even those without any artistic ability whatsoever (ahem) can handle this. 
If you are interested to purchase check it out, but if you're anything like me- you want to save your pennies.  After numerous decorating mistakes, I am beginning to see that the best knick knacks to have at home are the ones that best suit your personality.  I've bought pictures, paintings, and various forms of art, but none really give the "me" factor.  All I need to do now is borrow some crayons and I can make creations of my own that are simple (and somewhat dorky).  As I become more and more obsessed with my own blog- I am assuming that more tid bits like these are to come. :)   

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Lauren Kent

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