Wednesday, July 27

Lovers Forever

Life is too short to hold grudges, sit back in judgement, and announce to anyone who will listen about how much you hate someone else.  Hate?  Really?  I used to be that way too, but what's the point?  There is one thing I have learned from reading thousands of facebook statuses over the past couple of years; when you complain- no one truly cares.  Think about it, when your friend says "man my shoulder is sore" how much are you really sympathizing for them? Like none.  You say "ohhh..." Not interesting.  Which is why I am here today so say how much I love the people in my life.   
Best friends go to dreaded events with you, lend you anything you request, obnoxiously laugh at the same lame things as you, and be there at the drop of a hat if you need them.  Hell, my best friends will blurt out "you seriously look shit" if I'm having an off day, continue to pee in the toilet I've passed out next to, and think it's the most normal thing in the world to bring over special brownies.  Supportive when you have made a dumb decision, question you when are hiding something, and the first to say your new boyfriend is the biggest jackass in the whole world (Not you ZiggyZoo!).  Where would you be without your besties?       

Saying that- Facebook has really started to hit a nerve!!!  'Liking' my latest upload, commenting on my status, or writing me a wall post is not showing the love.  Call me!!  When was the last time you wrote a hand written letter?  Called a friend to go for lunch instead of asking of a text?  Had a private conversation instead of posting it on the internet?  These little things are important!  Relationships take effort, time, and interest.  Even though technology is supposed to bring us closer together, and with easier and convenient methods, I find that it is only bringing us farther apart.  Back in the day, people did not have phones or internet, so any communication was made in person.  Now that we have more means than ever, relationships are failing because one would rather pop on facebook than pause the latest episode of Big Brother and go for a drink. Don't get me wrong, I spend just as much time on facebook as the next person, but my favourite memories of my friends are when I was actually with them, not lost in cyber space.

Besides, without best friends you would never have moments like this one... (this video is a must watch btw)

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AS said...

You seem to have grown up almost right before my very eyes. It is nice to know that there are individuals in the younger generation that do have a brain and believe in having a real relationship other than that of technology that teaches you to be anything but social. Maybe a recluse but that's all.

Lauren Kent

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