Friday, July 1

Canada Day

Ziggs and I are celebrating our four year anniversary in a couple of weeks!  We figured that considering both of us had the day off, we would go get one another a little gift.  Precious.  After setting my alarm in the morning, showering, and making myself presentable I woke up Ziggs.  The first thing he does in the morning (like most people) is turn on his cell phone.  I hear the annoying ZWEEEEE Vvvvv Vvvvv from the Valley Boys bbm perma-group-convo go off; clearly something important in the sports world is going on.  Well, Ziggs forgot it was free agent day (as if I could give two shize) and hopped back into bed.  Afterall, "this only happens once a year."  I gave him about five minutes of watching quite possibly the most uninteresting tv program I have ever sat in on in my entire life, before standing on the end of the bed and chanting "GET UP" to the point that he wanted to punch me in the face.  Whatever though, it worked. 
Off to south edmonton common we go!  Of course, we are sitting in complete silence while listening to sports radio, in order to hear each trade that takes place during our twenty minute drive.  The thing about sports radio is if you don't know who or what the radio guys are talking about (so the entire time they are talking) you seriously cannot even tell when they finish and start a new sentence. At least Crash and Mars give some spunk to their conversatipns.  Instantly, my rage seeps back into me and I find myself looking out the window, thinking of ways I can get away with Zigg's murder.  Naturally I pouted for a couple minutes and won that battle too.  Ke$ha trumps news.  
Now the ZWEEEEE Vvvvv Vvvvv was happening way more often than usual so I asked what the hell could his friends have to say that is so interesting and necessary for his phone to stay on LOUD.  Apparently it was not the Valley Boys; Ziggs had signed up to receive a text everytime someone was signed.  Perfect. 
If our romantic morning was not quite enough to keep the sparks flying after four years, Ziggs ended up paying for his own anniversary gift- from a hunting store (which is NOT a fun place for girls to browse for an hour), and I did not get anything. 
All of this and it wasn't even noon.

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Anonymous said...

Haha sounds romantic. Cor wants to know what he bought from the hunting store. V

Lauren Kent

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