Wednesday, June 15

Epically Lazy

I have not been cooking lately, nor doing anything productive for that matter.  Since completing numerous seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, and One Tree Hill I have raised the bar for just how lazy one person can be.  I even went as far as to cancel my gym membership because I would rather be sitting on the couch, eating chocolate dipped cookies, and watching numerous back to back episodes than get a good workout in and remain healthy.  Poor Ziggs, not even married and already letting myself go.  I would love to be able to write about all of the fantastic meals I have been creating, but sadly (even as I write this) I am still streaming Gossip Girl.  It’s like a new addiction I can’t kick.  I’m just addicted to being useless. 
Speaking of useless, I finally have a couple of days off after working five nights in row and was planning out my free day.  Of course it has to start with doing five days worth of dishes piled up in the sink (Thanks Ziggs).  I would post a picture but I am truly too embarrassed.  The kitchen actually started to smell from it, as it wafted to the front door and I noticed when I walked in last night!
I should probably mention how Sweet Potato Pie is unreal!  Ziggs and I were actually terrified to try it (especially after I made it with cream cheese instead of butter) and it sat in our fridge for like three days first.  Veggies and ice cream just sounded so wrong.  BUT You know when there is an exciting twist on one of your favourite shows and it just puts you in the best mood ever? Well, once we had watched Friday Night Lights and saw my boyfriend Matt Saranson was back – I was on top of the moon!  It gave me the courage to try the dreaded Veggie Pie!  Luckily it ended up being a massive success, sweet potato pie tastes just like pumpkin pie but healthy for you! Ahhhh I cannot believe I had never experienced it before and I wish I had.  SO GOOD.  Even butterless.
It has also been brought to my attention that there is such thing as a garlic crusher (thank you Tansy).  I still don't have one though, and the other day I figured I would just use my cheese grater as a sub in.  WRONG.  I dented my cheese grater! :( Considering almost everything I make either requires garlic, cheese, or both I should probably replace and purchase them soon. 
Oh boy, did Finn and I ever have words this morning.  I came out of the show er and found him chewing on a new toy- a Victoria’s Secret strapless bra.  After mentioning to him that that particular chew toy cost more than the monthly allowance for dog food; he said ‘sorry mommy’ and let it fall from his mouth.  I have also asked him to steer clear of all other delicates, lululemon, my laptop cord, and slippers.  I think we are now on the same page.  
I DID MAKE ONE THING THOUGH.  Baked Potato Soup.  Tried it out for the first time today and it was pretty good.  I could see myself making it again but maybe subsituting the cauliflower with brocoli! YUM.  It was surprisingly filling too; with today being a shitty day out it was the perfect late lunch.  Late because I was too busy doing nothing. 
Hopefully I will get off of my ass soon and have more to say very soon!  I just wouldn't hold your breath... 


Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

Glad you liked the pie!

Anonymous said...

Is that the real skinny gina writing you!! im so jealous!!!

funny need to get out of your rut!! hahaha come help me move...kidding!

i do not use a garlic unsure of how you dented your cheese grater though???


Lauren Kent

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