Sunday, June 5

OMG How Dumb

I decided that because Ziggs and I have opposite schedules and our dinners generally consist of microwavable chimichangas, bowls of cereal, or a bag of chips that I would pre make some din dins, freeze them, and then heat when needed.  Brilliant, right?

After choosing to make some Mac N Cheese, Sweet Potato Pie and Italian Meatballs I set right to work.  Step by step I followed each recipe to a T, but I couldn't help but wonder why they looked so disgusting while being cooked.  The mac and cheese turned this strange brown colour, the italian meatballs ingredients refused to saute properly, and the sweet potato pie just plain pissed me off.  It was only when I put 1 tbls of butter into the microwave and instead of melting it singed into a stinky, brown crust that I realized my mistake.  I had no used butter for any of the recipes.  Instead, I had been cooking with cream cheese.  WHOOPS.  Now those meals are waiting in the freezer to be cooked up and I have no idea if they will actually turn out or just end up tasting like crap.  Of course, the one day I cook the most is the same day I'm an idiot. 

I'll just wait until one day I am at work late, tell Ziggs to eat up the Mac N Cheese for dinner, and have him as the taste tester.  I'm sure he doesn't read these and I am definitely not warning him. :)

Just the Bees Knees
On the plus side, I made some Lasagna Rolls and they look FANTASTIC.  Making them "el dente" was a little tricky considering the noodles had to be rolled up, but I managed ok in the end. They are frozen now too but I am sure they will be wonderful. 

Unfortunately, I must end this little note, as Finn is ready for his next rollerblade.  Let's be honest though, I am far too lazy to take him myself and am only going to watch Finn and Ziggy Zoo rip down the street.

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Anonymous said...

hahah butter versus cream cheese!!!

Lauren Kent

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