Monday, May 9

Attempt Six: Mother's Day

My mother. She is the best listener, advice giver, role model, cook, shopping partner, beach buddy, Finn puppy-sitter, life coach, and the person I rely on the most in the whole word.  This is clearly a perfect opportunity to cook for my mom on her special day!  
50th & 21st Birthday Trip to NYC
This time I went with the banana fosters topped overnight french toast.  My little bro's contribution was a variety of fresh fruit with a strawberry dip and a chocolate dip.  The two complimented each other extremely well, especially because the topping on the french toast was fairly rich!  The smell of the brown sugar/ vanilla/ banana topping being heated up and melting away on the stove top alone was enough to get the fam drooling.  With the patio furniture set up on the deck, regardless of the Canadian May wind, it was a gorgeous little breakfast made for Mom= Big success.

We may not have bought mom the most expensive gifts in the world, taken her out for a night on the town, or sat in a circle sharing all of the wonderful things about her, but she knows we love and appreciate everything she does for us.  She is there 100% of the time that we need her (except when she is playing 'Angry Birds' on her iPad), can be counted on to back us up even when she disagrees with our decisions, doesn't mind when I help myself to her overflowing closet, and some might even compare her to the amazingness to that of Nora Walker (hmmm wonder where we got that idea from?).  That said, I'm sure she will enjoy our pedicures tomorrow morning!
Besides, when we tell people that our mom is better than theirs they just get mad.  ;)


kents said...

Wow Lauren. Those are words that any mother would love to hear from her daughter. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Luv ya soooo much!

kents said...

That breakfast was well off Jenny Craig and worth every little mouthful!! D e l i c i o u s!!!!!!

Lauren Kent

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