Wednesday, April 20

Attempt Three: Cooking for Friends

Bonjour mes amies! 
Today I cooked for some people other than biased family members:  My friends.  HORROR.  The thing that sucks about cooking for friends is that unlike your boyfriend- who will pretend to enjoy whatever it is you put on his plate because if it tastes worse than vegemite he can always run to mcdonalds afterwards and claim he was at the gym; friends will literally just open their mouths in disgust, let the food fall onto the floor, and begin a cycle of dryheaving until you produce something better.  Needless to say, I was fairly nervous.
Do I stick with a classic bacon and eggs breaky, possibly adding some hashbrowns or fruit slices? Of course not.  Instead I ventured out and made Crème Brûlée French Toast, something that I did not even know existed, nevermind possess any expertise in making it.
You know when you are unsure if someone is going to agree with you or like the same thing, so you play it off in a way that you can swing either way- depending on how they feel?  Well that is exactly what I did.  As I was serving their breakfast, I made sure that they knew I had never cooked this meal before, was not entirely convinced it was going to taste delicious or not, and if it tasted like garbage I had a backup plan.  That way if it tasted like crap I could say 'oh I told you that might happen, it is my first attempt afterall', and if it was awesome I could say 'I knew you would like it!' 
Anyways, at first I was scared and judged every single thing about the dish, right up until my first bite.  D.E.LICOUS.  Well, I thought so anyways.  My friends admitted to enjoying it and even had second helpings, but who is to say they didn't sneak out afterwards for a sausage mcegger?
Ziggs came home for lunch and had two helpings himself, however he did not say whether he liked it or not.  Hmm.. this boy has gotten too used to being cooked for; I will have to slow down a bit so I am appreciated again ;) Sneaky, sneaky.
As far as I'm concerned with this Challenge Three: Winner
Ps.  I had originally planned on making this super cheesy pasta dinner for Ziggs' family.  They have since said they would like to treat us with Chinese food instead.  This can either mean one of two things.  1.  They are seriously afraid of my cooking.  or 2.  They really do want to treat us to some delic Chinese.  I'll just assume it's the second.  Who doesn't love chicken balls!

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Anonymous said...

hahaha. too funny. you make me laugh.
you are sure right about the spoiled thing. cor came home from work today and couldnt believe that dinner wasnt on the table....excuse moi for running a little behind!

Lauren Kent

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