Monday, April 18

Attempt Two: Crock Pot

You will love my warm temperature.   You can fill me with anything you want.  You can trust that your experience with me will be magical.  You can use me all day long.  You will recommend me to your friends. I am a crock pot.  Halleluyah Baby! 
Could cooking Ziggs a pork roast have been any easier?! Hell, I did it in the time it took the Finnster to take his morning tiddle outside.  The directions might as well have read: Put meat in magic dinner maker and add anything you think will make it taste good. Will be ready as soon as your sugar daddy arrives home from work.  Best Success Ever.  Not only did Ziggs think it was so good that he ate half of the entire roast, but I get serious house-gilfriend props for being such a fabulous cook.  I honestly don't feel as though I was challenged enough with this one, although; I will probably be using this wonderous machine numerous times a week from here on out. 
I do have one particular bone to pick with all of you cooks out there who know I am struggling- For fox creek what was stopping you from informing me of this beaut?!  If you have any more secrets you are hiding this would be the time to share.  Now excusez-moi, but there are Desperate Housewives to watch and carrot cake to scoff.


Anonymous said...

I loooveeee the crock pot!!! let me know if you want any more recipes!!!

Next feat...try making homemade macaroni if you want a challenge. Getting the cheese just right to the perfect taste and level of melty (if thats a word) is quite hard!!


Chef Laur said...

HOLY V THAT SOUNDS HARD. You say macaroni and I pull KD out of the pantry. Do you have a recipe for that one? Perhaps I can give it a whirl post Disney.

Anonymous said...

Lauren, I have a really good homemade mac and cheese recipe I've been making for years. Let me know if you would like it :)

Lauren Kent

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