Thursday, April 14

Attempt One: Pork

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I am the girl that has served frozen quiche for dinner, dished up rice that tasted like plastic, and literally had to put out a fire that started in my oven.  I am by no means the next Jamie Oliver, but certainly being able to feed Ziggs and myself something other than KD or scrambled eggs will be quite the feat. 

This is officially my FIRST cooked meal attempt since deciding to blog about my kitchen nightmares.  Pork.  I've never even purchased pork before so this should be quite the experience.  Step one: crush garlic cloves.  Well how the fox creek do you crush something other than taking a hammer to it? Is there a tool for this task? (Side note: once I had to open a can of pie filling and I didn't own a can opener- so I used the sharp side of a hammer and stabbed it until there were enough holes in the top that the stuff could pour out.  Proper tools are of the utmost importance.) Anywho, clearly it meant 'grate' and not 'crush', so that's what I did, and it worked quite well thank you. I feel like Rachel Ray allready. 
The marinate did not look like it was enough for the pork chops as it just covered the bottom of the 'large bowl' required, but whatever, I just rubbed the chops up and down until they looked semi covered in goop.  Now this is about the time that Ziggs arrived home.  I asked him to show me how the broiler works as it has obviously never been used in this household, but he is too busy playing Mr.Man and went with the George Foreman instead.  It is a lean mean fat reducing grilling machine you know.  So I now know how to use the George Foreman; victory at last.  After deciding to go with Sidekick rice, I mean marinating is a success all in itself, I became slightly distracted on Facebook while the rice was cooking and it burned to the pot a little bit.  Who cares though, I mean it's just rice.
The end result of the meal was D.E.LICOUS.  Regardless that I forgot to trim that fat off of the pork before marinating it, the dinner for two was a success.  Garlicy limesque pork is very yum, just remember to have some milk nearby.  Of course now Ziggs is off to hockey and I am stuck with dishes as well.  Ahhh... the life of a chef.
Challenge One: Winner. 


cassy-ekdahl said...

If you wanna ride my ass, atleast buy me dinner first

Chef Laur said...

I'm really happy I asked for your opinion.

Lauren Kent

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