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Here I am in Mexico, lying in bed with a head full of thoughts.  I should probably be dancing on the stage at Coco Bongo by now but instead I am in bed watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix... to which I assume nobody is even remotely surprised.  So far on this family vacation I have spent an entire evening throwing up, had to wait 4 days for my luggage to arrive, and have had to do more than one unexpected mad dash to the washroom (God I am attractive).  It isn't too bad though, the sun has yet to shine regardless that my brother somehow ended up burning 3/4 of his body.
Therefore, I am somewhat pouting, in my own pajamas (finally), in bed, watching Greys- this is my happy place- well, I say happy even though George O'Malley just died which always sends me into a semi-meltdown but I shall soon recover. 

Anywho, back to my head full of thoughts.  I am not much of a talker in group settings unless I have had a couple of super stoked vodka cokes, and considering there aren't any Joeys in Mexico I have been spending my time listening, observing, and improving upon my eavesdropping skills.  I should also probably mention that ever since sitting alone in the Houston airport, a place where people run around the airport barefoot and literally scream at customer service agents, people watching has become my new favourite thing to do ever.  Everrrrr.  I have been really focused on the conversations we are all having about our loved ones and their achievements.  I don't mean the little things they accomplish but 'the thing' their known for.  Their achievements have almost become what defines them.  While these conversations are endlessly interesting to me, it made me wonder what exactly 'my thing' is.  As we catch up with one another, we have all been discussing people who aren't really around, sharing stories of their lives and what new and exciting things they are up to.  Once the catch-up game winds down it settles back onto the people and 'their thing'.  I'm struggling figuring out how to put this into words... basically, if you were present in the conversation- your 'thing' wasn't discussed because everyone around was already well aware of it.  

For example, my little brother is known as the boy genius.  Everyone knows that he goes to University in a different city than the one he lives in, he works his ass off every single day, and will one day cure or invent something highly important in the medical field.  It is what people love to ask about and discuss and of which we are all very proud of him for.  Like I said, boy genius.  It's his thing.  There aren't two of the same things in one family; that would be boring.  However it does not bring me any closer to discovering 'my thing', and so the thoughts in my head continue. 
He's also the coolest cat you'll ever meet, but more on that later.
^^ someone took his laptop back momentarily...^^

Other people and their things that have come up are the 'love having a growing family' thing, the 'so in love with one another' thing, the 'grad school' thing, the 'doing their own thing' thing, and the 'starting over' thing.  Honestly, is there anything more interesting than people?  These kinds of conversations are fun and modest and humble.  I love being a part of them and getting the chance to discuss successes of others.  

Then there are the people who broadcast their achievements.  I don't just mean letting people know something awesome that has happened in your life- we all do that! I mean the ones who do not have a humble bone in their body.  Is it just me, or are you sort of instantly not as impressed?  Its definitely not as fun to discover someone's accomplishments based on their constant self report.  It just does not maintain the same impressiveness.  There seems to be a major difference between hearing about someone's excellence occasionally from themselves or second hand and feeling overwhelmed with pride and joy for them than hearing it from them all the time in which those same feelings of pride and joy become an expectation. 
FYI ya'll, your 'thing' is not what you are bragging it up to be- and instead has become the 'self loving' thing.

Achievements, goals, and desires are seemingly what define people.  (Now the corny part) Considering it is a new year and all, what exactly is there that I want to do that'll define me.  Our 'things' are always changing and evolving along with us, so what is it that'll be my new thing?  Or old thing that continues to shine?  I sort of feel like this whole blog post did not make sense or was written in any sort of order whatsoever which is probably the result of a diet consisting of diet pepsi, Chips Ahoy and popcorn.  While I continue to love discussing people and their lives and actions and desires and goals, I constantly ponder my own.  I am not looking for any answer for anyone, only wonder if you too consider what your 'thing' may be...

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Lisa Torry said...

Great blog Lauren.....and I agree....people watching is THE best pastime EVER!!!!! As far as humbleness, there is a SEVERE lack of it in this world, and it shows.
Your "thing" in my view, is loving those the world has trouble loving. That, my friend, is a gift from Gd and you use it well!

Lauren Kent

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