Saturday, November 23


I cannot hide the fact that I spend an embarrassing amount of my annual income on clothing. This little habit would be incredibly worthwhile if I actually a job that I could wear them to, or went out on the town more than once every couple of months, but I don't. Every few weeks I realize that I am yet again out of hangers, so I take a few items out of my closet and send them to my Aunts. However, it recently occurred to me that there is simply no denying it any longer:
I have way too many clothes. 

Plus the items folded in drawers.  And at either end of the closet.  And the piles on the floor of the closet.  And the shelf in the closet.  And the ones in the laundry room...

I came up with a plan. I turned all of the hangers to face the wrong direction. Starting October 2, I planned to wear every single top I owned and tested how long it would take to go through the entire closet. Once I had worn a top, I turned the hanger back to the normal facing direction. This little project did not take into account any sweaters or cardigans, layering tops, my workout clothes, or pairing different tops with different pants. It was just a straight run through. 

side note: I do NOT enjoy taking this many selfies.  I was originally going to take a picture a day but I stopped caring.  You get the point.

It took until November 23 before I couldn't do it anymore.  I missed my beautiful, comfy, new clothes that I had already gone through.  Also, I had a huge assignment I was supposed to be working on so naturally needed something to procrastinate with as long as possible. I went through and took out all the clothes I could not be bothered with anymore.
Minimizing my closet would be the equivalent to me smoking crack (… I assume).  I loved it, it gave me a rush, and once I started I just couldn't stop.  I ended up going through all of my clothes.  While I still had 19 shirts left hanging facing the wrong way that I think I still may wear, I managed to empty my closet of...

26 tops
6 pairs of pants
9 cardigans
3 jackets
6 pairs of shorts
5 hoodies
2 skirts
3 dresses
3 scarves
1 hat
9 bathing suits
1 men's tie?
4 purses, 1 gym bag, 1 back pack


While going through everything I even found a gift card to Starbucks, a gift card to Home Sense, and a condom… I left that in the bag though- surprise for the next person!  Now the only problem is having way too much to send to Ontario, so my room just looks like a bomb went off and I'm stuck with all of these clothes I don't want.  I also just burnt my soup while writing this blog post.  There is no hope for my cooking skills. :(
Send donation boxes!
And food...


Grandma Deb said...

There better not be anything of mine in that pile!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Deb nothing of yours would fit me (yet).
Lauren please keep the condom and you may as well keep the Starbucks card as I don't drink their coffee, BUT, you most definitely can keep the clothes coming!!!
Love you (and your addiction) very much.
Auntie Sue

Lauren Kent

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