Sunday, March 25

Strong is the New Skinny

Aloha friends!  I've decided to support another cause; however, this one requires a little more effort than signing into my paypal account!

The world is a mess.

People are sick. Starving. Poor. Every day I read or hear about it in the news. There are so many people who need help. There are so many causes and so much to do. How do we pick just one?

I've had it pretty good in life. I don't want to sit by and just do nothing, so I picked a cause I think everyone can agree on. I'm working to give people something they absolutely cannot do without -- the most basic of health needs.

I want to give people clean drinking water.

More than a billion people don't have access to safe drinking water. A BILLION. I don't mean that their pipes don't work; I mean that they have to walk hours each day to collect dirty water from stagnant ponds and muddy rivers, while I sit in my kitchen and fill my $25 water bottle with filtered water because the stuff that comes out of the tap tastes "off". The crazy thing is that for so many of them, clean water runs in aquifers under their homes and villages, but they don't have the drilling equipment or the money to reach it.

$5,000 can build a clean water project to serve a community of 250 people (THAT'S AMAZING), but I've started with a goal to raise $250 towards a project in the next few months, but hoping that number will eventually go up!

As the campaign is titled Turn Sweat into Water, allow me to explain. I've become fat and lazy. Whatever, don't judge, but I am ready to turn it around. For every 5 days I hit the gym- I will personally donate $10. Therefore I ask you to join me by turning your sweat into someone else's benefit and health (as well as your own), or support me as I get back into shape!

There's a lot of need in the world. I'm starting here. Will you join me
Or start your own campaign

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