Monday, January 30

Date Night

Ziggs and I decided it's time to get creative!  Our typical date includes the skipping of dinner in order to enjoy an incredibly large bag of popcorn, a pop big enough to quench the thirst of a small village, and to enjoy an action packed movie (or the latest Twilight...) on a weekly basis.  Considering my mom is the one who picks up our movie combo passes from Costco (movies are OUTRAGEOUSLY priced otherwise), but she is currently busy globe trotting, we have come up with a list of alternative dates!  For the next few weeks, each time our date night arrives we will simply draw our evening plans out of the date jar!  As you can see, we have one down and eleven to go!  I am just so excited to see which one we get next!  Do you have any fun date ideas???

* Bowling with another couple
* Go to Titanic exhibit
* Coffee date at Cafe Haven
* Take Finn for a walk around River Valley
* Stay in and play Scrabble
* See a show at the citadel theatre
* Invite others over for home cooked dinner
* Go to Crankpots
* Movie night
* Play slots at Casino
* Take Belle and Finn to off-leash
* Start a new TV series in finished basement!


Ness said...

have a games night with friends? Cranium, Apples2Apples, Taboo, all great choices!

Ninja Beth said...

Invite me to the bowling date!

Kensey Nelson said...

Love this idea! Good date night alex and I like to do is have winter fires with friends. Roasted starbursts are amazing and of course s'mores.

Lauren Kent

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