Thursday, August 25

DIY art

As I experiment more and more often with decorating within the house; my funds continue to get lower and lower (it probably doesn't help that I am constantly fixing things that I do around the house, thus spending double the money on the same project).  Therefore, I have decided that instead of purchasing anymore art- I will make it myself!  Last night, while Ziggs prepared a delicious steak dinner, I sat at the kitchen table with a box of crayons and some paper.  Ignoring the mind boggled look I kept receiving from the chef, I doodled.  Voila.  As much as I would love to take credit for the gorgeous flowers painted on canvas, that is not within my artistic abilities.  However, I have created a whimsical piece of work, and regardless that most guests will assume an elementary schooler gifted it to me, I am quite happy with it.  It may end up in the room where I do my homework, as working on journal entires for the fifteen thousandth time and being told you are not opening up enough (regardless of the fact that you just shared more personal details to your teacher than you tell more gynecologists)- get ones more annoyed than anything else.

Keep calm & hug a pug.
Moving into the 'computer room', a room that does not actually contain a computer, I had space above the desk that needed a little love.  Being the clever ol' gal I am, I picked up a cheap bulletin board and some fabric.  Side note:  I had never purchased fabric before so I felt doubley crafty.  Grabbed the stapler that is so rarely used and BOOM.  An artsy looking bulletin board! It is safe to say that I am officially on a roll.

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