Thursday, May 28

Thoughts from a 4 Month Old

Hello, my name is Rhys
and I hate sleeping.
Once I go to bed, it means the night time games begin.
I usually take naps for 45 minutes before I wake up my mom to play.
She always tells me she loves being up all night
so I do it as much as possible.
Sometimes, I'll sleep for a whole 2 hours by accident.
Then I will wake up and scream extra loud
so mom knows I didn't forget about her.
We play the funnest games during the night.
My favourite is Guess What I Want to Make the Crying Stop
Mom loves that one,
she always says "here we go again!"
Mom tries to trick me with soothers,
but I only suck the gripe water off them before spitting them out.
She always checks my diaper too,
but I wait until she takes it off before I pee.
It would be silly to waste a whole diaper.
Mom always figures the game out though.
She knows that I like to be held
but only when mom is standing up,
in the living room,
with my head resting on her left arm, not the right.
Sometimes I like to change the game up though.
That's usually when Mom says that she quits
(I win!)
and she takes me to her bed.
Sometimes she sings about "three little monkeys" in the bed,
because Finn takes up most of the room.
She always says that she hopes she's the monkey to fall out and hit her head,
because then maybe she will get some sleep.
I know she is just kidding.
I also let her know that I am super comfortable in her big bed
by spitting up all over her new bedding.
Mom will start speaking to our Lord after that,
so I join her for a quick night night prayer.
I can't wait to go to bed the next day and start it all over again!
First I have to nap all day so I have the energy though.


Grandma Deb said...

Hahahahaha. But he's still so ccutest

Genevieve said...

Baby Whisperer by Tami Hoag. Best best best help. Zander slept in my bed until he was 4th months old because i couldn't get any sleep otherwise. That book helped me get him out of my bed. And you can just read the section you need, so its fast. This was an adorable read btw! Happy sleeping!

Lauren Kent

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