Tuesday, August 19


I have finished school (seriously, can we get a 'Hallelujah'), I did a ton of traveling (to which I have requests to blog about but really don't know how to), and am now expecting!  2014 has so far been a bit of a whirlwind.

Is it annoying if I say it again?  I am done school.  I am a university graduate.  In other news, I am also getting an award for the longest it ever took anyone to get one degree. 

People keep asking how my trip went and of course I want to tell them how amazing it was, except my Visa bill is still sort of haunting me and my scars haven't quite completely healed, but we are getting there!  I am still hoping that applying Bio-Oil to half my body will start to make a difference soon because until it works- my mom will continue to remind me to use it every single day.

Yes, the pictures on Facebook are real, I'm not just stuffing my shirt and posing with fruit, I am having a baby! A tiny human is growing within me and it blows my mind every time I feel it moving around.  The first time it moved I thought it was just my stomach digesting my cucumbers, but nope- BABY! It's also pretty cool that McBaby has been to 5 different countries already!  It's like my own little Travelocity Gnome that goes wherever I do. 
I know what everyone is thinking (mostly because everyone has asked outright), you want to know who the father is.  You've creeped my Facebook and my Instagram and you can't figure it out.  Well, to that I remind you of a previous person I dated (for a very short time) who I had pictures of on my Facebook shortly before he turned from McDreamy into McNeedy and eventually to a pseudo-stalker, who to this day continues to ask my BFF "how is she." Let's all collectively agree that it would be best to avoid that situation from happening ever again.  Therefore, this time I am keeping my private life private; which is surprisingly turning out to be a pretty amazing concept to some people. 

So here I am, working the same two jobs I have been for a few years, while preparing for my world to change.  I've painted the baby room a solid white, updated an old toy box, and was reacquainted with a very old/ mind-blowingly comfortable chair. 

Finn made for a lousy helper



At my last ultrasound, the tech was able to determine the gender, so now I am looking forward to my gender reveal BBQ, where I'll learn if McBaby is a boy or girl at the same time as my family and friends! :) 

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