Sunday, March 23

Stop what you're doing and TRAVEL.

I will never forget the time I was talking to a coworker and he said that everything he needs to know about other countries he can learn on the Discovery Channel.
My response
My upcoming trip is making me so excited that I cannot go five minutes without thinking about it.  I've lost the ability to complete assignments, have interest in conversations about anything else, or sleep through the night.  So because of that guy, I give you ten reasons why he should get off the couch and see the world for himself.

1. ADVENTURE: I can't say I've never found a particular shift at the rink so awesomely memorable that I will speak of it for years to come, or a shift at the group home being the best day of my life (although there have been some pretty cool ones from both), but I easily admit that hang gliding over Rio de Janeiro is in the top 5.

2. STUCK IN A RUT: We have all been there and travelling is the best way to get out of one.

3. YOU BECAME PETTY PETER: If first world problems have actually become your biggest struggles, you need a little reality check. Cassalicious volunteered in Nicaragua for a month and came back with an even greater appreciation for having such luxuries available to her. She has never taken for granted the chance we have to attend post-secondary education and this awareness has constantly been in the back of her mind, which is probably the driving force behind her nearly perfect GPA.

4. REVITALIZING: Travelling is invigorating. It provides a mini chance to start over. You find yourself refreshed and becoming a more well-rounded person.


6. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Humans are creatures of habit, as I prove to myself every single day as I make a cup of tea in the same travel mug and drink it during my drive to wherever I am going, but it isn't exactly thrilling. Wandering around Cozumel, Mexico and finding a random local restaurant that serves the biggest margaritas I have ever seen- thrilling. You might even say intoxicating. #zing

7. STORIES FOR LATER: Like that time my parents went through the Panama Canal and told me all about how the ships are raised and lowered by a series of locks which were built to accommodate two-way traffic.

8. FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD: Good or bad, half the fun is figuring out which foods you like and which ones you'll make a mental note to never go near again. It would be like being a contestant on Survivor (dream come true) and getting as far as the food challenge (easy), except with more than bugs offered. I am pretty sure this is also the number 1 reason we are going to India.

9. OPPORTUNITY: Getting the time off to travel can be particularly tricky (except when you've been a post-secondary student for half of your life) so if you find yourself between jobs, relationships, or school (ahem** all of the above for some people) then GO.  Close one chapter in your life the best way possible before starting the next. 

10: IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT: It is one thing to know Whyte Ave like the back of your hand (bravo), but to see your own country from coast to coast, or venture across the border into a new one completely is an incomparable experience. I'm not kidding, you can't make this stuff up.


I'm right.


Lesley said...

I would go picture happy and after # them all "hardasf**k"...Even the one of me cuddling a koala, because when I see myself traveling that is all I am doing.

B Ziggs said...

Niceeeee one. I agree with all, except how can you put the hang gliding into your top 5 if you were crying the whole time!! Atleast all the pics I have seen have that hahaha. Seems like top 5 scariest moments maybe!!

Grandma Deb said...

It opens your eyes and your mind! Gets you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to face your fears. Great blog.

Lauren Kent

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