Tuesday, August 20

Who Are These People?

Amongst all of the weeds, the puppy land mines, and overgrown grass, there is a spot in my backyard that has an awesome fire pit. I love my fire pit and it loves me back. A few times this summer, I have even been fortunate enough to get a group of friends over and enjoy it. In my opinion, sitting around a fire, having a couple of drinks, and laughing with friends is the perfect way to spend a summer night. 

Except when those friends brings friends who say things like this:

While acting as the hostess with the mostess, I was trying to make my way around the fire and get a chance to speak with everyone. There was one young man who started asking me all of these questions about the boys I work with. Most of the time, I find that people generally shy away from asking too many questions, so I enjoyed the opportunity to tell him all about my job. He happened to be specifically interested in the boys' behaviours on and off ranch, what they are like in public, and some of the greater offences that had been committed. He started to ask leading questions, where my response was almost forced to have a negative answer. I was admittedly starting feel slightly uncomfortable. The conversation continues when he asks me, "what exactly is the government doing about these kids?" I asked him what he meant by that and he says, "why aren't my taxes going towards euthanizing these kids?" At first I thought he was joking, but then I thought even if he was- he isn't funny, and then I realized he was actually serious. I reiterated, "you mean... put them down, like a dog?" He flatly responded with, "those kids could hurt my daughter and that's enough reason for me. They need to be stopped before they do something because obviously you aren't helping."
Hostess duties done.

I actually can't even remember how I responded. Clearly my memory has been blinded by rage. Obviously, I have a plethora of choice words for this gentleman, all of which I will allow your imaginations to think of. However, regardless of all the insults and profanities that come to mind, there are bigger questions: why do people still feel that people do not deserve equal rights? Do they think they are better than others? What exactly is considered normal and good? In a world that regards therapy as invaluable and takes a 'think of the children' approach to most decisions and regulations made, how are some people still having thoughts like this? And where does this guy get the balls to say that to me? I understand that he truly believes these children are posing a risk to his family, but the last real injury I endured from work came from a gopher hole, not a boy. They are children, they have young minds and are ready to learn, yet there are people believe who believe that death is a better option? 

I was going to put this conversation behind me, considering it a one off and not something I should concern myself with. Then I happened to see this:

Originally Found Here

Again, many choice words are buzzing around my head. Now I could sit here, in the comfort of my home, and type up a long list of insults for the writer of this letter. I could point out the ignorance behind its word and the shame the writer should feel. I, however, have a feeling that there are already many people doing just that. 

After the conversation that took place around the fire, and having read this letter, I guess what I have found is that I do not understand. I do not understand why someone would sanction for the death of a child. I do not understand why people believe that those thoughts are 'normal' or appropriate. I do not understand why people believe they have the right to treat others so poorly. I do not understand how someone can have such heavy hate in his or her heart. I feel sorry for these people. It appears that they live in a world of black and white, love and hate, right and wrong, when the most beautiful parts end up being all the shades of grey. I pity these people, as they will never experience true happiness if they so strongly disapprove of others and their choices. If happiness is real only when shared with others, than one might think of keeping company as a priority, rather than burning bridges because the water got too high. I ask this:
If these children should be killed because they do not fit some made up mold in others' minds, than who else isn't making the cut? Should all the people of different races be killed because they aren't quite the same as you? Should those with different religious backgrounds be killed because they do not believe in the same God as you? Should all homosexuals be killed because they experience love differently? Should we reinstate the death penalty too? Should we make abortions legal everywhere? Should death be the only option for those who cannot function on their own? Does that include the elderly? 

If you believe others should be killed because they are different from you, who exactly would be left?


Lesley said...

That is crazy :(
http://www.sevenly.org/ This is the site I have talked about. I love this site they always have great causes and awesome stuff. What is really great about this site is the comment section. Everyone is so positive and supportive. It’s nice to read with all the negative people in this world.

Anonymous said...

It's a slippery slope ..... Good job buddy. Remember when I spit my drink on you when you originally told me that story Big D

Auntie Sue said...

Once again Lauren you outdid yourself. You know how I feel and naturally I have come across people like this in my 25+ years of dealing with challenged students. Great job and thank you from those of us that want to express our opinions but never have been able to like you can do so easily.

Lauren Kent

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