Monday, April 9

Stop Dressing Like a 16 Year Old

It has come to my attention that I dress exactly same way that I did thoughout high school... and while we are being honest- junior high too.  Just in case you did not personally witness it, those outfits consisted of clothes handed down to my from my brother and hair spiked with gel.  Yeah.  I have yet to find the perfect jeans that fit tightly around my waist (without showing the lovies), but not so tight or too loose around the calves.  I mean really, it is quite the hassel.  All of my dresses are from my 18 year old bar star days (ahem... possibly 16), all from Forever 21, and all of which have broken zippers.  I don't even own nice pajamas; I wear a shirt that is usually an old soccer t-shirt of my dad or brothers' that somehow ended up in my clothing pile after laundry day.  Most days I can be found in lululemon pants, a t-shirt from Victoria's Secret PINK collection (which is really not helping my case here), and a hoodie that may or may not have been Zigg's at some point.  I may not have the post secondary education that most of my fellow high school grads have obtained, nor do I work in a place that requires me to even shower before beginning a shift, nor am I married or bearing child, but damn it- I am going to LOOK my age. 

Ah, just one slight hiccup.  Unless it is pay day, I am broke as a joke on coke.  Well no, I am not that poor, I just have a strict biweekly budget that does not take into consideration 'insanely massive trip to the mall to buy things I already own but nicer'.  Shame.

Anyways, I was just looking at one of my favourite blog's more recent posts, where she showed us how to take 8 pieces of clothing and create 8 different outfits out of them.  Then I thought about how often I do that... which articles of clothing I could even do that with... How do you even think of such concoctions... and then I realized I suck. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying I don't have any clothes.  I have a closet overflowing with them.  Two if you must know.  And a dresser.  Regardless, the other day I actually put on a shirt that I've had for a while now, when it struck me that I had bought it when I was 15 years old.  Then, it hit me, THAT WAS 9 YEARS AGO and paired with spikey hair.  How embarrasing.  So yes, techincally I have enough clothing to dress an entire classroom of people from head to toe, but it's a classroom of 8th graders.

Here I go, I suppose continuing on with my 'Me Makeover', I've tried to narrow a new wardrobe down to just essentials.  Saving me time on shopping, but more importantly on money.

A Dress that can be worn during the day or dolled up for evening.
Tights or Leggings to wear under a dress or with a long top.
With summer coming we wil need Shorts but NOT the ones so short that they end where the thickest part of the thigh begins! (Hello pet peeve)
A lovely, light Blouse to sport with a variety of bottoms.
An A-line, high-waisted Skirt that can be worn out to lunch with friends or snazzied to an interview.
At least one Jacket or Blazer to finish off any look.
An interesting Tunic.
Trousers - I know, I didn't see that one coming either.
Finally, the perfect, plain, white T-Shirt.

Et voila! A wardrobe you can mix and match! Sort of... if you got corresponding colours :)
I've made my point.
Now its time so save my loonies and toonies until I can afford it all!

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