Friday, August 26

Can you do this?

I love it when you think you know someone really well and then find out they have a hidden talent or interest.  For example, my dad can come across as a fairly straight laced man, right up until a child requests to be told a story.  He has the uncanny ability to make up new and extravagant adventures on the spot.  My mom, who still cannot set the television to watch a DVD after ten years of repeatedly showing her how, can work her way around Microsoft programs faster than anyone in our family, and probably most businessmen with years of training and expertise.  My best friend Cassy, who acts like a nut case, laughs at inappropriate moments, and adds sarcastic comments throughout most of our classes, is in fact an extremely talented artist, a skill which she treasures.  

Most recently discovered is the talent which my Uncle has started to share with us!  This father of two has a fantastic skill to share with his family, and I only wish I was closer to experience it for myself. 


What's your hidden talent?


AS said...

I want to let you know that you do complain and I am getting very good at that too as this is the SECOND time you have forgotten that I am (or was) your biggest fan) and told you how much talent you had. You are so very frustrating!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your best friend Cassy sounds really talented

Lauren Kent

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